Thank you so much for the funds you continue to help us raise for our three children.They seemed like small children when we first got involved with them, but they’re growing up fast.  Gemechu is a teenager now, and Compassion UK have provided the following update about how they care for older children in their programme:

As Gemechu enters his teenage years, I wanted to share how his local church is continuing to invest in his personal development as he embarks on an exciting new chapter of the programme.

From the age of 13, every young person is encouraged to start thinking about their hopes and dreams for the future through a workbook called ‘My Plan for Tomorrow.’  Through a series of group lessons and one-to-one mentoring sessions with his tutor, Gemechu will be given the tools and resources to identify his skills and interests, set future career goals and be helped to create a step-by-step plan so he can achieve these.

Together we really are making a difference to Gemechu, Desy and Javier – even though they seem so far away. I’m attaching some letters recently received – we sent extra gifts for Christmas, and you can tread about Desy sharing the bounty of more food with her family – she’s done well in her exams, and moved up to junior secondary school.  In Gemechu’s letter he, too, talks about upcoming exams – the ability of our children to focus on their futures as well as “just surviving” will be critical to giving them the best possible start in adult life, and enable them to support their families in countries where security in old age is a valuable but sadly rare situation.  One of the staff at Javier’s project has sent us the attached card with an up to date photo of “our wee boy” (he’ll be a teenager too this year!) with the goodies our Christmas gift allowed him to buy. 

So thank you once again – as the children grow up, we can see the benefit of our support and look forward to sharing in their continued physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Neill Birch

Recent letters from sponsored children: