Update: 30 April 2021

October 5, 2020

Update 30 April 2021

30 April 2021

Dear Friends

A last message to thank you so much for the great welcome you gave Jim and I when we returned to Langbank eighteen months ago, and for helping to make my second spell as locum so memorable.   The last year has been hard for us all in different ways – but especially for those of you who have lost someone close at such a difficult time.  It’s also been hard for those shielding, or unable to get out and walk but we do seem to be in a more relaxed phase just now and hopefully can all make the most of it.    l wish you all the best of summers.

Thanks to all its leaders, Langbank Church has Kept Calm and Carried On throughout the pandemic and I’m proud to have been connected to such a faithful congregation.  My last service on Sunday was suddenly quite emotional….. not because we won’t ever be back again (I assure you, we will!) – but because of all the nice things that were said about us by George and Trish.  We were also showered with gifts – a lovely planter, planted up with Alpines by George, and a wonderful ‘Book of Memories’ made up by Trish (a compendium of your messages, photos, poems, quotes and reflections, both humorous and poignant.)  The planter is on the patio, where I can see it from my chair- and the ‘Memories’ are on the table – a lovely reminder of all our days with you.  George also handed me a card – and inside was the most amazingly generous cheque.  Many of you must have contributed to this and I’d like to thank you very, very much for your kindness. 

My time with you is now coming to an end.  My successor here will be Reader, Mrs Eleanor Hood. Eleanor lives in Kilbarchan and is a member of Houston Kirk. She will bring new gifts and creativity to worship, and many years’ experience.  Eleanor starts at Langbank this Sunday and will initially be doing continuous pulpit supply only.  The pastoral responsibility for Langbank Parish will therefore lie with our Interim Moderator, Rev Stuart Steele, and locally with the Elders and Pastoral Team.  As always, George will advise.

I’ve managed to see one or two of you over the last couple of weeks to say ‘au revoir’ – but would like to thank you again from us both for the time we spent with you and for all the best wishes, cards and gifts we have received.

God bless